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The Importance of the Libertarian Party in the 2019 Canadian Federal Election

As Canadian’s go to the polls for the 2019 Federal Elections, it is becoming increasingly clear that we must have more than three voices in a process that includes the whole country. The big three, the Conservatives, the Liberals and NDP, are in a position to pass the reigns of power amongst themselves with little to no small party representation. In order to keep a relevant political conversation, you must have maximum representation for the most Canadians possible. Parties like the Libertarian Party of Canada, are essential to proper democracy for Canadian’s in 2019.

Small parties have a hard task getting any traction politically. The Green Party has fought their way to 2 seats and benefited greatly from the imploding NDP in the Maritime. It is decades of political infrastructure, monetary and influence that the Liberals and Conservatives enjoy. Both of them using their back and forth seats of Governmental control to strengthen and form deep propaganda mega machines. Now, after Trudeau has ingratiated himself to the CBC to the tune of millions of dollars, the media is decidedly Liberal. But the Media has been a PR firm for hire for a while now. But, all that to say, the little parties, as the Libertarian Party of Canada, struggle to represent very real demographics that have needs that are not at all being met by the big guys.

Most of the time, the Libertarian Party is left to be described by the big three and has little to no platform to speak for itself. Painted as right-wing by press and opponent alike, voters very rarely understand how deeply personal freedoms and privacy rights are at the core of Libertarian belief. Most also do not understand that in a free market, it is merit based. Our Government is presently throwing money, your money, at failing companies, all just to avoid opening up to the private sector and free enterprise. Equally vague in public opinion, is our inherent property rights championship. You own your land, above and below, and Eminent Domain is theft. And to top it off, we are greener than the Greens. Free market solutions with NO subsidies to the green market competitors, far less regulation for start-up green business and far more money in your pocket to shop responsibly.

The road to relevant and effective Government lies in its ability to remain diverse. The Libertarian Party retains relevancy as it maintains conversations Nation wide and Canadians need smaller party representation to retain a real Democracy. So Canadians, look into your smaller parties, like the Libertarian Party of Canada, for a strong and healthy country.

Source by Terry Tiessen


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